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What's New

17 May 2023 - Parameters Code-Generation

To ensure mispelt parameter names are caught at compile-time, you can now generate static strings fo parameter names using the PlayUR -> Regenerate Enums option. This will generate a static class called Parameters which contains constants for each parameter name, which you can then use in your code.

Example usage in Unity: PlayURPlugin.instance.GetStringParam(Parameter.MessageToUser)

11 May 2023 - Auto-Registration

To reduce the number of clicks for users to get into an experiment, you can now enable auto-registration. This will automatically create a user account for the user when they first visit the experiment page.

10 May 2023 - Parameter List Support

You can now define a parameter as a list by typing [] after the parameter name. You will then be given an editor to add/remove/reorder items in the list.

9 May 2023 - Custom CSS, Header and Footer Text, and Custom Header Image

You can now customize the look of the game page (and any ethics/login/register pages) by changing the settings on the Game page.

Header and footer text can be customized per-experiment/group as thes are defined by parameters.

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